Polaris Farm Free-Range Chicken Eggs

At Polaris Farm, we wholeheartedly believe in delivering to you the finest and freshest eggs possible.  

Polaris Farm Free Range Eggs

To us, that means partnering with our wonderful chickens. Our thinking is that if they give us their eggs every day, day-after-day, we feel obligated to make sure that they live natural, happy, and fulfilling chicken lives. They are NEVER caged!

Polaris Farm Free Range Chickens

Our egg layer chickens are true Free-Range chickens. They rotate among large areas of varied grasses, trees, and shrubs to roam and forage for whatever they want.

Polaris Farm Free Range Chicken Eggs

They also have access to regular Alaskan Produced chicken feed.

Polaris Farm Free Range Chicken Eggs

During the snowy months, they live in a sunny, climate controlled, commercial size greenhouse. They have numerous perches and toys to keep them from getting bored.

Polaris Fodder

During the winter, they also receive "fodder" to satisfy their need for vitamin rich green food. This also keeps their yokes that awesome deep-yellow color. "Fodder" is made from sprouts grown from barley, peas, and wheat until it is about four inches high.

Why Polaris Farm eggs are Alaska's Healthy Choice:

  • Single flock. Single source. = 100% Quality Control
  • Vegetable-Based, Alaskan-Produced diet. = Quality Protein source, Alaskan Jobs
  • Eggs are collected twice per day. = Freshness 
  • 100% of eggs are washed in natural egg wash. No chlorine or harsh chemicals. = Safe Eggs with no chemical residue
  • We deliver to our distribution partners twice per week. = Fresh Eggs!

We truly enjoy our laying chickens, and take pleasure in sharing the bounty that they produce with you.

You can purchase our eggs directly at the farm by appointment (907) 373-2442, or from one of our Distribution Partners:


(Community Supported Agriculture groups)


Arctic Harvest Deliveries

Arctic Harvest Deliveries - Anchorage & Mat-Su

Wholesome Food Coop - Mat-Su

Retail Locations

My House - Mat-Su


Natural Pantry

Natural Pantry - Anchorage


The Blue Market

The Blue Market - Anchorage