The "WHY" behind Cut & Save

Why Not? You know how to do this...

If you live in Alaska, there is a good chance that you, or someone that you know, has been exposed to processing wild game or farm animals. Cut & Save Quality Meats takes away the hassle of hunting or raising the animal and delivers direct to you a clean, USDA inspected whole product, at the last stage before cutting and packaging. You then cut and package the meat according to your needs and portions. Our "How To" videos make it easy to learn.

Why Fresh?

Meat is perishable. The more time and steps it takes to get from the processing to you, the more opportunities your meat product has to become contaminated or spoiled. Meat also dehydrates. We all like our meat to be "juicy". During the time between processing and cooking, meat continually loses moisture. Shorter time and fewer steps between processing and you ensures the quality and safety of your meat product.

Why Local?

Freshness. Local products have a short supply chain and fewer opportunities for spoilage and contamination.

Economic security. Local businesses invest their profits and pay taxes into the local economy. This builds your community and improves the place you live in.

Quality. Your local farmer cares about the quality of the product that they supply to you because they know how hard it is to earn your business and how easy it is to lose your business.

Why Natural?

"You are what you eat". Chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, drugs, and effects from Genetically Modified Organisms are pervasive in the industrial food supply. Products from Cut and Save Quality Meats gives you healthy options.

Why Feed Matters?

"You are what you eat" goes for the animals that you eat as well. Our pork products come from animals fed a 100% vegetable, corn free diet. Our animal feed is actually milled from whole grain Alaska grown barley, right on the farm. Many animal feeds contain protein meals made from the desiccated and ground up bodies of other organisms which may have life-cycles that exposed them to heavy concentrations of chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, drugs, and Genetically Modified Organisms. You can be confident that our 100% vegetable fed animals will give you only the highest quality product available.

Why Small Farmers?

When it comes to meat products, small farms vs industrial farms are a benefit to our environment rather than a source of environmental pollution. Furthermore, small farmers have a closer and more connected relationship with their herd. As a result, better animal husbandry is the rule.Why cut my own meat?

Freshness. Cut & Save pork comes with the "skin on". That natural barrier keeps the meat clean and moist until you choose to cut through it.

Get what you want and have fun with it. When you purchase meat over-the-counter or in vacuum bags, it is a "one size fits all" proposition. Have you ever wanted to make stuffed pork chops? At the retail store, all they had was "Thin Cut". At the custom butcher shop, "Thick Cut" can cost as much as Prime Beef. It's hard to repeat your favorite recipes or throw a party when you know you're in for an expensive hassle. Save yourself the drive, shopping time, and hassle. Follow one of our "How To" videos, and get exactly the thick pork chop you want- for a fraction of the price.

Flavor. Is the Chorizo or the Italian Sausage at the retailer "too much" or "too little"? Make it perfect- your way!

Fats. Do you like more/less fat for texture, flavor, or moisture? Now you can be the boss of what percent fat is in your sausage, mixed meats, or cured meats. Fresh, pure, lard for pies and biscuits? You are in control.

There are dozens of more reasons WHY the Cut and Save model makes sense. We invite you to discover them as you enjoy good quantities of natural quality pork at a reasonable price.