Black Currant Berries - Frozen - 5 Pounds

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Discover the delectable flavor of Black Currant Berries.

With twice the antioxidant value of Blueberries, Black Currants are a true super-food and a super healthy choice.

Raised at Polaris Farm in a field that has been chemical free for 14+ years these berries are hand-picked, washed in pure well water, and then fast-frozen for the highest quality.

Our berries are used by culinary artists throughout Alaska. You'll find them in candies at Alaska Wild Berry Company, in pastry and gelato at Turkey Red, and in wine from Sweedgale Meadworks and Bear Creek Winery.

Enjoy them on ice cream, as a juice, or snack, or use them to make jelly, jam, crisp, pie, candy, or wine. The more you try them, the more uses you will find for this versatile fruit.