Polaris Farm Chicken - Whole - Frozen - 4.0+ Pound

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  • 4.0 - 4.99 pound whole chickens raised at Polaris Farm in Palmer Alaska.

By feeding a diet of 100% Alaska-produced, 100% vegetable-based feed, our chicken is a healthy choice with that awesome comfort food flavor.

Yes, it does contain corn and soy. However, our feed NEVER contains antibiotics, steroids, hormones, or animal/fish by-products.

Our chickens live a stress-free life, are never caged, and are raised in an open/sheltered environment with access to sunshine and fresh air. They have a continuous supply of pure, fresh well water that is supplied from an aquifer that is fed by Knik glacier.

Our chickens are ethically and hygienically cared for and processed so you can be assured you are receiving a poultry product that meets the highest standards of quality and conscience.

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Custom Cut Up is available - Details.